2017.12.06 - Added Vanille
The only reason this took so long is because I didn't feel like messing with Vanille's crazy outfit. Alas, it would be poor form to go into the new year without finishing what I started.. So here she is at last! Finally finished the FFXIII Matryoshka series! Hurrah!

2017.10.22 - Added Hope

2017.10.04 - Added Sazh

2017.09.13 - Added Snow

2017.09.07 - Added Serah

2017.08.26 - Added Fang


Haven't updated in a while. Replaying FFXIII now.
Gonna take me a while to finish this Matryoshka series,
so I'll just update this page as I go.
Working on Fang and Serah next ;3